Brown Dyed Mulch


Key Features:

  • Made of 100% virgin sourced, recycled tree parts
  • Rich and vibrant cherry brown color
  • Great alternative to our Triple Ground Natural Mulch, maintains color longer

Get the best of both worlds! A beautifully constructed mulch fiber enhanced with a cherry brown dye, giving your landscape a natural feel while maintaining a rich color for a longer period of time. This product is also made from 100% locally sourced and recycled virgin source tree parts, NEVER pallets, painted wood, or construction waste.

About Dyed Mulches:

Our dyed mulch products are all animal and plant safe, made from 100% Natural, virgin source wood and plant matter and colorants. Using newly developed methods of colorant disbursement, the color of our dyed mulches will not wash under normal weather events or conditions, even when applied before rain.

Please Note:  There will be a 5% Fuel Surcharge added to all orders in an effort to help us absorb some of our costs in producing and delivering mulch, which continue to rise at unprecedented rates . Thank you for  understanding what small businesses in NJ has to deal with, we greatly appreciate your support!  Kindly, NJ Mulch.

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