Never-Fade Black Dyed Mulch™



Key Features:

  • Made of 100% virgin sourced, recycled tree parts.
  • Contains 2x the colorant our competitors mulch.
  • Color will not wash away or fade.
  • Drying time not required before rain.
  • Rich, jet black color.

Create the dramatic contrast between your plants specimens and their beds by using our newly enhanced Black Dyed Mulch, designed to maintain its bold and rich color longer than our competitors. Using almost double the amount of dye and a quarter the amount of water than other mulch suppliers, our black dyed mulch will hold its jet black color for many months to come.

Don’t let spring rains or summer downpours deter you from mulching. Our newly developed process does not require extensive drying time or curing, so if rain is in the forecast the color will not wash. This product is also made from 100% locally sourced and recycled virgin source tree parts, NEVER pallets, painted wood, or construction waste.

Please Note:  There will be a 5% Fuel Surcharge added to all orders in an effort to help us absorb some of our costs in producing and delivering mulch, which continue to rise at unprecedented rates . Thank you for  understanding what small businesses in NJ has to deal with, we greatly appreciate your support!  Kindly, NJ Mulch.

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