100% Natural Triple Ground Mulch


Key Features:

  •  Made of 100% virgin sourced, recycled tree parts.
  • Naturally Aged, dark brown in color.
  • Slowly feeds your plants; moisture and temperature control.
  • Light natural scent, dissipates within hours of application.
  • Apply once, yearly in spring, summer, or early fall.

You and your plants will both love this perfectly aged, uniform and methodically shredded product! Made from only locally sourced and recycled virgin source tree parts, this mulch will regulate temperature and moisture in your flower beds and garden while slowly feeding your plants the nourishment they need to thrive. This mulch is DARK BROWN in color, created through natural processes. Our virtually ODOR FREE. Recommended application is 3 inches depth, every 18 months.

Please Note:  There will be a 5% Fuel Surcharge added to all orders in an effort to help us absorb some of our costs in producing and delivering mulch, which continue to rise at unprecedented rates . Thank you for  understanding what small businesses in NJ has to deal with, we greatly appreciate your support!  Kindly, NJ Mulch.

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